Sunday, 15 September 2019

Italy 2019 - Terni & Sulmona

So we took the train from Rome up to Terni in Umbria to pick up a car. Driving in Rome is not for the feint of heart. Stepping off the train we welcomed the quieter atmosphere. Terni is not steeped in history but has its' points of interest. Mostly we were happy for fewer people, cars, etc. We were given a Renault Clio and of course we had no idea how to work the Italian GPS. It was a little hectic to start - more nerves than swerves - but we figured most of it out, found the hotel then took a little tour. Much cooler here than Rome - only 27 degrees.....Viva Italia!!

so we are in a more mountainous area

Terni has an old Roman amphitheater that is being dug out is now used for concerts - Long War, get on it!

the Terni Cathedral is quite wonderful!

We met this little guy when we got lost looking for a restaurant - lots of good nutrients, right!! I tried to scoop him up but I think that he smelled my hunger and scurried of like a little lizard!!

So today is the true test of our preparation for auto travel in Italy. GPS is completely in Italian - we sort of guessed how it worked and wind up in a parking lot near the Terni train station...good start!....We eventually get on the road feeling a little anxious but things go pretty well....Italian countryside - towns on cliffs - into Gran Sasso Park which is beautiful -- cows and donkeys crossing the road etc.....narrow, windy roads but lots of space - just some crazy, steep streets in the mountain towns - recalculate.....we find our way to Sulmona and the hotel magically appears.....which pretty much sums up Sulmona - magical town and really great people running the hard to explain but we stayed at a family owned hotel which was so comfortable and interesting but the family that ran it were simply amazing, charming, hospitable etc., etc., etc......we dine at Trattoria Don Ciccio and it is incredible....the old town is quite amazing....Sulmona - get your tickets now!......pretty wonderful!

Gran Sasso in the Appenines

Castel del Monte in the background

 Great old church on the side of the road about 6000 feet above sea level...

from the window of our hotel room in Sulmona

our hotel in the heart of Sulmona - incredible place and family running it!!

lots of indoor outdoor shots of our walking tour....such a beautiful old town...

the poet Ovid....

incredible aqueduct near the main square.....

where are we????

laundry hanging from the balconies....

colourful houses.....

this is what we came for right!!

hmmmmhh.....Don Ciccio, I might have a small job for you......

 come on boy - you can make it!!

the hotel crest on our morning cappuccino - those crazy Sulmonans!


  1. so blissful to immerse myself in your reality for a few moments. italy looks amazing! keep sharing!


  2. Beautiful pics, wish I was there with you... The stories and photos help. Sending my love!