Tuesday, 15 October 2013


….we decide to walk over to the English side and wander throughout the Garden District…the day is hot and humid and for some reason I wear my black jeans…..there is no direct sun but we are on the verge of rain all day - humid, humid, humid….so the district is a good 20 blocks from the hotel and then you walk through it…why not cab over or take the trolley - there is something about walking in this city..... something to see everywhere…the hours fly by and we accidentally wander into Jimmy K's on Magazine Street for lunch - delicious po boys and a couple of buckets of Atabi Amber later - again reasonably priced - and we do a couple of more hours through the district then walk back to the hotel room to rest - K Paul's for dinner….yes, our chef super hero is Paul Prudhomme and we are pretty pumped to eat at his New Orleans restaurant…..blackened Louisiana drum, chicken and sausage gumbo and shrimp etouffe from Cajun heaven….a little Oregon Pinot Gris and a really great server……what a perfect place and meal!….Jess calls just as we are finishing dinner and we have a brief FaceTime scan of the restaurant then head back to the hotel to have a long talk with her -- she is in Byron Bay having a tropical hippie experience and enjoying every moment….New Orleans chats fuzzy face to fuzzy face with Byron Bay….what an amazing day!….

let's play guess what city...no cheating!!

OK, a picture of a menu - not just any menu but K-Paul's menu....just a little obsessed I'd say!

one of the few places left in the world where the name Lee commands any respect....there were a couple of guys finishing a mickey at the base of the statue......my life is perfect!

these houses are incredible...not so many do it yourselfers if you know what I mean!

verily I say unto you...a bird in the hand, etc., etc., etc.....!

what would a huge mansion be without a gargantuous tree draping over it...I mean, this is the South you know....



this is one of those "proof that we were here" shots....

what the hell is blackened drum??....hey, didn't I see you in a restaurant in Texas!!!

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