Wednesday, 23 October 2013


well, we have found the strength to get in the car and drive 500 km down the Gulf coast to a little place just north of Tampa....the white sand and emerald water of Panama City Beach have been replaced with sprawling moss draped cypress and crystal clear, clean pool water courtesy of very generous family members, Cathy and Bernie.....the neighbourhood is quiet, private and relaxing and the house is huge.......there are giant birds wandering around the various houses making Jurassic Park sounds and a big turtle has dug a hole under the fence that a kid could crawl through - - - the turtle doesn't get into the pool because she has no bathing cap or goggles - - - would you even know if a turtle had a bathing cap on? I guess if it was another colour besides green.....we have used this down time to relax (stop laughing) and collect ourselves - plan, change our plan, go back to our original plan then re-think our plan!!! The weather has gone from stinking hot (33C humid) to mid 20s mild. A little something for everyone....soon we head up to Canada - - - home in other words. The next big trip is Kiwi land....departing Dec. 12.....the gods are truly smiling on us!

I kid you not, this bird is 3 feet high and makes this kind of teradactyl sound.......... I couldn't find the eggs though!

indoor beach - - no driving required......

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