Wednesday, 2 October 2013


we are feeling the need for less travel so we decide to snoop around Lafayette…we know little about the area but since we have such a great place to stay, we don't really care what we find, we just need a little break….like the night before, Sunday morning on the streets of Lafayette really make you wonder if anyone lives in this town…..we do a bit of walking and get a better feel for the place. Lafayette is a town full of churches, court houses, lawyers and related services from bail bonds to counsellors….we walk past a gang doing town work as part of their prison sentence - black and grey striped pants (I mean very broad stripes) and bright orange jerseys featuring the name of the institution) - I'd pay extra legal fees just to avoid wearing that outfit!…….we head out to the bird rookery to see if there are any good sightings…..the rookery is a nice term for a swamp that birds can inhabit - don't get me wrong, it has it's own unique beauty but it is a swamp…..maybe that is what makes it so interesting, I'm not sure…. then we head for the market to grab some local delectables….the food is amazing and we manage a FaceTime connection with Jarrett….Lafayette to Dawson City…..what a crazy world…..Jarrett is well, heading back to Vancouver soon, good news!….we hit the hay - tomorrow New Orleans via Baton Rouge…..

the cathedral sits in the center of town along with several other massive churches - Sunday morning and the parking lots are full - everyone is in church (except us of course)....

great sprawling trees shade grand old homes that have been converted to legal offices - this is the sheriff's office....nothing shady about the legal profession you say??

the original city hall and downtown centre..........

finally, someone willing to stand up and help the crawfish and crabs of Louisiana in their times of legal plight!

federal court in downtown Lafayette....

 remind you of the Lone Ranger anyone?? (not the guy in the grey shirt, the statue!!)

Martin Lake (Swamp) did the Acadians ever settle this area without bug spray??

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