Wednesday, 22 January 2014


so today we are sitting at Christchurch Airport waiting for a plane to Gold Coast, Australia and I am thinking about whether we missed any of the neat things that are characteristic of this great little country….I think that we have conveyed pretty effectively that people here are very friendly and accessible….if you need something, just ask and a Kiwi will find a way to help….there is a true pride of ownership evident in the conditions of the buildings, homes and roads and an incredibly strong sense of responsibility to the environment…..though the history of contemporary NZ starts with significant burning down of flora and fauna and destruction of their dependent life forms, modern NZ society practices significant protection and restoration of these same life forms…..the coffee is amazing and some of the roads are so winding that you have to ensure that your back seat passengers don’t lose their lunches….driving on the left side of the road is horrible and roundabouts are even worse…you could easily get lost hiking because just about every step every trail, road and waterway here is filled with unique and incomparable beauty (which is horribly distracting when a map needs to be used)…..Kiwis love meat pies….from most places on the islands, on a decent night, you will see more stars and constellations than you can see from anywhere else in the world……Kiwis would describe Grouse Grind as a walk and rate it as a medium challenge…….well, that’s enough for now. I’ll let you know if I think of any more…oh, one last thing - I love this place more than words can say - New Zealand is so stop is Gold Coast Australia…big travel day ahead!

sitting on the lawn at Christchurch Airport waiting for a plane to Gold Coast......

Aussie airport greeter.......

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