Saturday, 7 September 2013


OMG...5:00AM start,,,that was OK, load the car, that was OK, drop the apartment keys, that was OK, hit the border, that was OK....Customs....NOT, we are homeless in the eyes of U.S. Customs....and we are a threat to take up residence in the U.S.A illegally!!!!!. - - - so we are standing inside the customs office in line with all these other "status" concerns...I'm simply wondering if I have to cancel all of the arrangements we have made, suck it up so to speak....I am clearly upset at myself for not considering that this could be an issue for U.S. Immigration....Customs are wondering why I am so frustrated - - how do I explain to them that it took more than a year to plan this and that the principal reason for all of this is to start a new home in Ontario near Linda's family, we don't really want to live in the U.S.A., really, really it is possible, etc., etc., etc......they keep telling me that I don't understand and I keep thinking that they don't understand so I ask Linda to explain some of our travel arrangements because I'm essentially tripping over the moment - - of course, Linda comes through with a grounded acceptable (to customs) hour after we pulled up to declare nothing but joy, freedom, basic clothing and prudent travel items, we proceed into the U.S. with a clear understanding of our homeless status and the challenge that this presents to the guardians of American freedom......we have been entrusted with leaving the U.S. within 6 months....even though we have no home in Canada to go to, we are being given the benefit of a doubt and allowed to enter......but God help us if we betray that trust!!..........I get it, I really do but I get it with sadness and mourning.....that's the problem with having been around for a while, I lapse into the old days of unconditional trust and forget that this is a historical period that may never be known almost cost us this trip....Linda told me not to worry about it, then she said something about it being my first day of retirement......she's the best road trip partner here are some Cannon Beach memories that we would like to's really amazing how the power of the ocean can make so many other displays of power seem trivial and inept.....and that's the Pacific!!!

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  1. Well Linda and Carter, it seems that Linda's many years of experience in dealing with people got you through a very tight spot.
    Things can only go uphill from here.Enjoy every moment of your special trip!