Saturday, 21 September 2013


the trip into Vegas is amazing…cactus, desert and emptiness. The experience is intended to prepare you for the opposite….we follow the GPS with faith and reverence and without warning find ourselves on the 4 lane Las Vegas Boulevard strip - what once were cactus are now brightly lit, 30 story hotels with 20 story digital advertisements…..the GPS takes us to the front of the hotel - there is no entrance - - @%#@%#@%  - - …….we pull into Paris and figure out how to find parking……may wonders never cease, we figure it out…half an hour later we are in touch with the real reason we are here….shower, change and dinner with our fine and talented nephew……Vegas beats vaguely in the background and we have a great visit with is great to see him and catch up…he is full of life, love and happiness…..we can hardly wait to see his show……Bernhard heads home to rest up for the show and Linda and I hit the strip…….holy crap!!!!!

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  1. I'm so behind on comments. I miss you guys sooooo much and am currently in Smithers BC on my way home. Vegas is a wild place. My cousin rules. Miss you soooo much! Pictures are great! Love you