Monday, 23 September 2013


Can't believe that we are starting our third week on the road…I'm pretty sure that's a good thing!  We head over to the Waheap entry to Glen Canyon Park, Lake Powell and sign up for a boat tour into Antelope Canyon. It's all we have time for (we originally booked for 3 days at Bullfrog then found out that it would have been an extra 4 hour drive - then could not get any more nights in Page). The boat tour gives us a chance to see the other side of the Grand Canyon, the side that still has water…we float up the canyon and have a chance to look closely at the canyon walls….another clear, hot day….I'm starting to get what Jim Morrison saw in his desert journeys (who needs acid?)…we've seen so much colour and shapes that appear to be animals or humans (anthropomorphic hallucinations I suspect)…we meet a Brit on the boat that has been everywhere - prefers talking to gawking. Having said that, I did get the feeling that I'd like to go everywhere with a camera and Linda of course….we head for Flagstaff and our highway stroll along Route 66. The landscape starts to get greener, the wind picks up and the temperatures drop… rains a bit…feels good….so many beautiful vistas and views....I went kind of crazy with the photos this time.....what a place!!!

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