Monday, 23 September 2013


 we are heading for Albuquerque, NM….Route 66 - - add some more sixes please…Get your kicks  - - sorry, not this time.......the crosswind are crazy, we are waiting for the car to fly across the highway in a gust of wind….this is Continental Divide territory, dare I say Great Plain country…dust, wind and bent grass for 200 km…and did I mention rain - - - yes I said rain and thunder even, I mean we are really caught with our proverbial water proof pants down!! it's a 5 hour drive that takes 7 hours…we look for the Painted Desert but can't find it….too much dust I guess - -… thing to do is hug the slow lane….we cross the border into New Mexico and take a break….the only photo of the day is taken….we drift into Albuquerque (gotta nice ring to it doncha think?) and stake out our spot for the night - - I start a fire to keep the snakes and coyotes from getting too close - -  Linda checks the horse (it's a Toyota Matrix after all) to make sure that it's tied tight and I check the TV listings for the Clint Eastwood movie where he rides into town in a wind storm - they must have made it here???? Nothing but football games, maybe the Hurricanes are playing??…how about a bit of Riders on the Storm, into this house were born, into this world were thrown?…..tomorrow we head for Santa Fe,,,,

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