Saturday, 14 September 2013


we figured we would start with a day at the beach so we headed down to Julia Pfeiffer Beach. Monterey was overcast but as we entered into the great park, the clouds disappeared and we drove into 80 degree weather. Not much that can be said about this beach - it has to be experienced to really appreciate it. The waves crash throughout the day, the seals play in the cove, the sun shines, wind blows and the pinot noir tastes like heaven….we really enjoyed the relaxation…we're getting the hang of it I think!

some of the Big Sur coastline on our trip in

 the coastline looking north

yoga is great on the beach

to hell with yoga, I'd rather just float in the foam....

a little show from the Pacific..

the ambivalence of the sea bird....seen it all before I guess??

Pfeiffer Beach symbol.....

a couple of Pfeiffer beach bums!!!

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  1. Great beach shots....I particularly like the one with the seagull and of course, of the 2 of you!