Sunday, 29 September 2013


we are driving from Amarillo to Dallas - if you have not done this, then I will explain - not much to say! hot, vast and time to have a Texas steak…..Mission Accomplished! Linda had the fillet and I had the ribeye….cheap and surprisingly good…..forgive us Vegans everywhere…we'll try to to do better in the future!  No pictures were taken of this desert trek in order to protect the identity of the innocent creatures that we did not see anywhere.....

a little water for the road dust then a bottle of Copolla Wine.....Texas tea y''s uncanny how the camera lens duplicated my vision perfectly!!!

 so a deer, a mountain lion and a buffalo were hanging around in a bar one night and the deer says to the buffalo....I think it's your turn to buy son!!!! get son,,,,,bison,,,,,heh heh heh,,,,,just a little road humour!

he's laughing!!

he's not!!

as for this guy!!!

she's not...

Reno Red's Frontier Cooking - mesquite mostly,,,,,be sure to drop in for a huge hunk of steak!!

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