Monday, 23 September 2013


We get an early start and pray that the GPS knows what it is doing because we are driving east with the sun glaring into our sleepy eyes….we can barely see street names and the little 3X5 picture on the dashboard GPS is it…The bright lights in Vegas just don't quit….we eventually manage to find our way to the road to Grand Canyon National Park….lots of flat desert areas and rolling hills - Lake Mead is beautiful..everything is pastel colours… we get closer to the park, things become much greener - not what we expected…We arrive at the south rim of the canyon around noon….there is a trail that parallels the rim that is about 3 km long and we follow it. You really have to see it to believe it….the canyon has been weathered and shaped by the wind over time….it looks more like a Mayan ruin than a natural land form….a couple of hours to take it in (really not enough) then we continue on to Page and arrive at sunset. As we get closer to Page, the countryside becomes quite spectacular in places and the setting sun on the clay based cliffs and hills does not seem real…..a fitting end to a day full of breathtaking experiences - - - so much beauty in one day….we don't watch the news.

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