Saturday, 14 September 2013


it was a beautiful sunny day and we have decided to climb…the Ewoldsen trail is about half way down into the park and climbs up 2000 feet through giant pines and cedars, creeks and waterfalls up into the arid hills. The total distance is about 5 miles and the trail is narrow but manageable. We spotted some thrushes, a raven and a dark blue jay. The trail was pretty quiet but we did run into a few hikers - half of them were from Germany or France. This is my first hike since my back problems and I'm really happy about how good it felt….more hikes to come. Linda was stellar - the climb is pretty tough in spots and Linda refused to quit…we sat up at the top and enjoyed a couple of sandwiches and the panoramic view of the coast….what a beautiful place….when we returned to the trailhead we stopped and washed in a cool mountain stream - our feet especially were thankful..

mist meets mountains - a morning greeting from Big Sur

California jay - dark blue

either the trees are getting bigger or we are getting smaller

just what I thought - we are getting smaller

Ewoldsen summit - breathtaking!

how does anything grow here - it is so arid

lush green woods


  1. Beautiful. Can't wait to make another trip to that coastline myself, well with Joe! He loves it there too.

  2. That's a Stellars Jay... I have one on my shoulder. Its a tattoo